Tradução de "The bus stinks of exhaust"

I'm reading "Divergent" and I found this expression in the beginning of a paragraph.
I think it's related to the bus that is crowd and because of it, it's stinking.
Can anybody help me?
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Hi Sandra Yamana:

I guess this is about the stink of gases due to the fact that car exhaust can be 'cheiro de gases emitidos', see the link below:

I've read the three books in English, they are awesome!!

See you around!

Thank you very much for your help!!!!!!!

I've already read all HP's books; "Percy Jackson and the lighting thief"! Now I'm finishing "Devil wears Prada" and I will start Divergent!!!

I love reading!!!
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Well done!! Reading is the best way be fluent...
Apparently we like the same books.