The jewel in the crown - Tradução em português

Hello everyone.

I'd like to know the the jewel in the crown meaning and any sentence in portuguese with equivalent meaning because I've already looked it up and haven't found yet.

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Hello, Kelvin,

"The jewel in the crown" comes from "crown jewel (see: an it means the most precious thing, specially in a company.
In Portuguese, it could be:
- A menina dos olhos - A nova funcionária era a menina dos olhos de sua chefe.

Or simply:
- O melhor / O recurso mais valioso - As habilidades da professora com os alunos desorientados eram o recurso mais valioso de toda a escola

Hope that helps!!
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The jewel in the crown/A menina dos olhos=Algo valioso, importante, etc.

Boa sorte!
Without more context, it's hard to say. It could refer to India. The 'crown' being England (the British Empire) and the 'jewel' being India, the colony that provided so much wealth for the British crown up to the middle of the 20th century. Google "Paul Scott" and you'll find links to his historical novel, 'The Jewel in the Crown'.

Thanks everyone.

A menina dos olhos is exactly what I was looking up.

there's no context. I was reading a text and came across with jewel and didn't know its meaning. Reading its meaning I saw this idiom which I didn't know either until now.

thank y'all again.