The misfortune of my being shut up - Tradução em português

The misfortune of my being shut up,” she answered, with every appearance of feeling surprised at my question. “What either misfortune could there be?”

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7 respostas
Sra_Tradutora 6 76
to be shut up (neste contexto) = to be shut up in an asylum

Ela tem o infortúnio de estar internada num manicómio.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
A word to the Brazilian learner.

Asylum, if I am not mistaken, could be a nursing home (AE) old people´s home (BE), what we call asilo (instituição para abrigar idosos, paga ou não.)

And could be a mental institution, a psychiatric/mental hospital. (aqui no Brazil - manicômio/hospício/hospital psiquiátrico etc)

Ah, also a clinic or hospital where there´s treatment and it´s a resting place.
Again, if I am not mistaken.
Sra_Tradutora 6 76
Hey PPaulo, you might want to read what they have to say here about the word "asylum" (the Portuguese word "asilo" is a false friend):

As explained by Longman, nowadays "asylum" usually refers to "protection given to someone by a government because they have escaped from fighting or political trouble in their own country".

But the quote above is from the novel The Woman in White, which was written in 1859. At the time, the word referred to a mental hospital, which explains why one of the characters had "been shut up" (according to Longman, this is considered "old use"). And the word "asylum" is used in the book with that meaning.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Thanks for sharing it with us, it comes in handy, you are a walking encyclopaedia, he hee. ;)
Sra_Tradutora 6 76
PPAULO escreveu:Thanks for sharing it with us, it comes in handy, you are a walking encyclopaedia, he hee. ;)
Nah. I'm just an expert googler :-).

(I know, "googler" is not a real word. "Expert Google searcher" just doesn't seem right.)
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PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Oh, don´t sweat it, it´s just poetic licence. :D
Sra_Tradutora 6 76
Haha, thanks :-). I realized that "Googler" (capitalized) actually is a word. Apparently it's how people who work at Google call themselves.
See: ... tgooglers/