The question that looms large (The New York Times) - Tradução em português

Qual a tradução das expressões em negrito?

The question that looms large, and must be answered, is: What was the order given to the generals that they did not feel they could follow?” said Ms. Abreu, the senator, who was not a proponent of the latest impeachment initiative. “The president has an obligation to explain this on live television to calm people down.

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The question that looms large - the significant question/the relevant question/the important question.

A proponent - a backer/an advocate/a supporter/a proposer/an apologist.

On live - a live stream, a live transmission on television (in the case).

To calm (someone) down - to chill out, etc. In the text, it may mean "to reassure (the audience) and bring peace of mind to them (the general public).