They have a lot coming to them - Tradução em português

Hi guys,

I'm asking for help with this : they have a lot coming to them

Bellow the complet script where a find it ( by bold)

Todd: What about the idea that some people think that maybe there should be no grades? That there is just maybe you achieve or don't achieve. It's more binary. Either yes or no.

Nydja: I don't really know how I feel about that. I went to a school when I was younger that actually didn't have ... everybody was just put together in a large room and different teachers worked with different students according to their abilities and there were no grades. As an adult now, I'm not really sure how I feel about that system. I wasn't there long enough to see what I could do with that environment. If it benefited me, or if it was to my detriment, so I really don't have an opinion on that.

Todd: How about when you were younger, were you often stressed about your grades?

Nydja: Yes. Yes, I was. I was very stressed. I used to stay up until three or four o'clock in the morning trying to complete projects. Studying all the time. I also did track, so I was very worried. You're in competition with your classmates because later on you have to go and get into college and then you have to get a job and it all starts in primary and secondary school, so it's important to do well there.

Todd: So, you're very young but later in life with children, would you want your children to worry about grades, or would you want to be a parent that tell them "huh, not so much!"

Nydja: No, they will definitely be ... if I have children, they will definitely be concerned about the grades that they're earning, and I will not be easy on them in that regard at all. So, they have a lot coming to them.

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Thomas 7 60 290
I also find the use unusual. The expression often is used to mean "to deserve" something that could be good or bad.

I want my money. I worked for it, I earned it, and I have it coming to me.

I was not sorry when he was arrested for beating his wife. He had hurt her often, and he had it coming.

Under pressure, people say and do things that they would not say or do under normal circumstances. Perhaps the speaker is also wondering what he meant. A former co-worker swears that at my first meeting in the office, I introduced myself as Thale Domas (instead of Dale Thomas). He swears that it is a true story.
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Devido ao contexto, sugiro traduzir como: Eles vão ter muito o que fazer, a tarefa deles não vai ser simples.

Boa sorte!
Thomas 7 60 290
O cara não falou claro. A prova é que não entendemos o que queria dizer. rsrsrs
Estou com o Donay nessa. Algo do gênero: "eles não perdem por esperar" ou "eles vão ter muito trabalho", também indo pelo contexto. É o que ela diz que fará com os filhos ao ser exigente com eles, pelo que entendi.

Hope that helps! : )
Thank you guys (Thomas, Donay and Van-spirandeo)

I get this podcast bellow:

There explains something done under Pressure ( misjudged..)

I get to do something under pressure of something
Thomas 7 60 290
What we say is not always what we mean. What we mean is not always what we say.