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He first encountered Watkins in spring 2010. The director, aged 33, had to fly to Los Angeles to meet him – even though, the filmmaker says with a laugh, as they live near each other in south-west London, "I could probably cycle to his house from my place!" They discussed the script for "a few hours" as they "took the temperature of each other, and how we saw Jane's screenplay. Dan and I both wanted to make a film that had a degree of heart as well as horror."
Watkins's thorough approach appealed to Radcliffe the movie spod. He invited him to discuss the script with Goldman and roped him into the camera tests. Ever keen to soak up as many experiences as possible – hence his lead in the 2007 West End/Broadway revival of Equus and hence How to Succeed… – Radcliffe has been studying how the director goes about his craft.

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Na minha opinião, falta alguma coisa na sentença - uma vírgula, por exemplo.

Spod(nerd): a person who is boring and unfashionable and, as a student, works very hard. - Cambridge

Watkins's thorough approach appealed to Radcliffe, the movie spod.
A abordagem ampla de Watkins atraiu Radcliffe, o nerd dos filmes.