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0:17 He is a legend of war
0:21 A soldier without a country
0:25 You know his name
0:30 and you know what he's capable of
0:45 "I was told it might be possible to rent your boat. We need to get up-river."
0:48 "Where?"
0:49 "Into Burma"
0:50 "Burma's a warzone"
0:54 "Up the Salween river is our best alternative"
0:56 "I can't help you out"
0:58 "Please.. it will help change people's lives.."
1:00 "Are you bringing in any weapons?"
1:02 "Of course not!"
1:04 "You're not changin anything"
1:11 "What happened?" "No-one knows"
1:18 "You know what you are.. what you're made of"
1:45 "Go!!"
2:01 War is in your blood. When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing.
2:10 "Live for nothing - or die for something.... Your call"

se você não consegue entender qq parte basta perguntar viu?
voce sempre ta quando agente precisa valeu
se não for pedir demais voce poderia legendar esse pra mim?

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0:00 It's a tough balancing act, I thought this would be uhh.. a little bit easier.
0:07 He bounds on set every morning with the energy I wish I had
0:13 He's starring, producing, writing, directing... I don't know how he does it.
0:18 I can't tell ya... the guy's a madman.
0:22 Heh heh Fear is my fuel.
0:29 "how much further can you go in?"
0:30 I really do tend to direct, but after going through the Rocky Balboa experience I realized I'd like to be involved in every aspect of it. I thought 'It would be interesting to have Rambo directed by Rambo.'
0:43 This is... 16-17 hour days. Harder than anything I've ever done before. Just mind-boggling.
0:48 Sly is a risk taker and he always has been. I mean, to be on screen after 20 years as an action hero.
0:57 I think that people should grab life by the throat. I think a lot of people give up the fight early on. I believe in ????? in a way that you just throw caution to the wind.
1:09 He's more concerned, first and foremost, about the story and I think if you were to ask Sly, he would say he was a writer before he was anything else.
1:15 "Live for nothing, or die for something..."
1:19 Rambo is just a multi-tasker, so the camera-work is... not frenetic, but it's visceral. I don't believe Rambo has any dolly-tracking shots in his mind, he's an ??? guy. It's ground-level, in-the-trenches film making, and it has a jittery quality.
1:38 He is this bad ass, and in this one now more than ever. He's a force of nature.
1:46 It's taxed me to the max I can say, I can give no more.