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0:17 He is a legend of war
0:21 A soldier without a country
0:25 You know his name
0:30 and you know what he's capable of
0:45 "I was told it might be possible to rent your boat. We need to get up-river."
0:48 "Where?"
0:49 "Into Burma"
0:50 "Burma's a warzone"
0:54 "Up the Salween river is our best alternative"
0:56 "I can't help you out"
0:58 "Please.. it will help change people's lives.."
1:00 "Are you bringing in any weapons?"
1:02 "Of course not!"
1:04 "You're not changin anything"
1:11 "What happened?" "No-one knows"
1:18 "You know what you are.. what you're made of"
1:45 "Go!!"
2:01 War is in your blood. When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing.
2:10 "Live for nothing - or die for something.... Your call"

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0:00 It's a tough balancing act, I thought this would be uhh.. a little bit easier.
0:07 He bounds on set every morning with the energy I wish I had
0:13 He's starring, producing, writing, directing... I don't know how he does it.
0:18 I can't tell ya... the guy's a madman.
0:22 Heh heh Fear is my fuel.
0:29 "how much further can you go in?"
0:30 I really do tend to direct, but after going through the Rocky Balboa experience I realized I'd like to be involved in every aspect of it. I thought 'It would be interesting to have Rambo directed by Rambo.'
0:43 This is... 16-17 hour days. Harder than anything I've ever done before. Just mind-boggling.
0:48 Sly is a risk taker and he always has been. I mean, to be on screen after 20 years as an action hero.
0:57 I think that people should grab life by the throat. I think a lot of people give up the fight early on. I believe in ????? in a way that you just throw caution to the wind.
1:09 He's more concerned, first and foremost, about the story and I think if you were to ask Sly, he would say he was a writer before he was anything else.
1:15 "Live for nothing, or die for something..."
1:19 Rambo is just a multi-tasker, so the camera-work is... not frenetic, but it's visceral. I don't believe Rambo has any dolly-tracking shots in his mind, he's an ??? guy. It's ground-level, in-the-trenches film making, and it has a jittery quality.
1:38 He is this bad ass, and in this one now more than ever. He's a force of nature.
1:46 It's taxed me to the max I can say, I can give no more.