Tradução de video (god of war)

What's up folks. I'd like any help to translate this video for english, here's my trying.
Now...representing number questions like what happen when we die? who created the god? and the god's...end the powerfull why is it let things i fifteen ... happen? and of course and be killed, now today's of... who tell you knowbut that is because you day...never rain a badass like kratos.
Kratos champion of the gods had killed ares, life after the god of war was good and very boring, and so he found seeking that worth so we say less than formidable.
God of wine? god of wine... and song what's celebration and... have you came for...?
Your desire of... is coming to an end prepare me ... destiny why master?
what you going to do break my grapes?
Yes ... was the last president dare the mean kratos was used to fire it. But the pain didn't stop there between bounds of...drinking he work is way... of the third... of the one.
The god of ... pool, i thought the fish is.
The god of warm beers.
and the god of... , hey get up!
I don't kill...anymore, you want me kill the god of ... , it's k.a, i mean the god of k.a.
Kratos agree, the god of k.a has been the greatest torment since ares himself.
God of k.a? , k.a,k.a, tremble before i kratos god killer.
k.a? oh hold on i go get it, hey k.a cute
Oh, come on, oh you got be kidding me, ok that is it, that's it.
After killed the k.a puppy, kratos didn't had enough , that is not the end, he prepared for one final challenge , on more deadly than... he faced before, he became the intern of war.
What you doing? it's expensive. Oh you're fired , you're so fired.
You know i can play... my job , that i can't play... I'm wall.

( I've been studied english for a year and half and i'd like to know if i good in english, if my translate is nice for a guy that has studied english at this period. Give your opinion please.)

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Now religion presents a number of questions like: What happens when we die? Who created God? And if God is both benevolent and all-powerful, why does he let things like ..... happen? And of course, can God be killed? Now, Judeo-Christian theology would tell you 'No'.. but that's because Judeo-Christian philosophy never ran into a badass like Kratos.

Kratos, champion of the Gods, had killed Ares. Life after the God of war was good, but very boring. And so he found himself seeking gods that were, shall we say, 'less than formidable'.

God of Wine? God of Wine, women and song, What celebrations and libations have you come to revel in? Your days of public drunkenness has come to an end. Prepare to meet your destiny, Wine Master! What are you going to do, break my grapes??
Yes, Baccus was a less impressive enemy than Kratos was used to fighting. But the pain didn't stop there.. Between bouts of binge drinking, he worked his way through the 3rd string roster of the Greek Pantheon. The god of stagnant pools... the goddess of warm beers... the god of snore... "Get up!" "I don't feel like I matter any more..." "You want me to kill the god of chaos?" That's Chaos.. "I mean, the god of Chaos?" Kratos agreed, the god of Chaos was to be his greatest opponent since Ares himself.

God of ch.. "Chaos" Chaos! - tremble before I, Kratos, God killer. 'Chaos? Oh hold on, I'll go get him! Hey Chaos *kiss* cutie'.

Oh come on! Oh, you gotta be kidding me! AAHH! Ok that is it. That's it. After killing the Chaos puppy, Kratos had had enough. But that was not the end, he prepared for one final challenge, one more deadly than any he had faced before. He became the Intern of War!


What are you doing? That's expensive! You're fired! You are so fired! "You know I complain about my job, but with the sh*t that X-Play interns have to put up with... I mean, Wow! That Ratty... what an asshole!
thank you so much.I made a lot of mistakes cause there are many words similar at the time of pronunciation.
that, plus they speak fast and very informally. If there are any phrases that you want explained, I'm more than happy to help!
Do you know the name of this song that play at video? and what does mean "THAT IS IT".?
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