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0:00 - .... of the tiger, a fearsome predator that will prove a worthy foe in our virtual showdown
0:10 - Now, to meet the opposition.
0:18 - The African Lion is a fearless warrior. 530 pounds of aggression.
0:25 - It's 4 feet tall at the shoulder, and almost 11 feet from nose to tail
0:33 - A male spends his first 4 years learning to fight, preparing for the day he will vie for control of a pride.
0:44 - He's well equipped for the job - 3 inch canines and 3 inch claws
0:54 - His willingness to take on all comers has earned him the title King of the Beasts
1:06 - The size difference between a tiger and a lion is slight, but it could decide the battle ahead
1:13 - The tiger is stronger and heaver, the lion is taller and longer
1:22 - the 2 big cats are similar, but the way they behave is determined by 1 big difference: turf
1:32 - Tigers live in dense jungle and hunt from cover
1:40 - Lions spend their lives in open grassland, these environments shape their social behavior
1:48 - Tigers are shy, solitary beasts, but defend a ??? territory against intruders. They tolerate each other only when mating
2:00 - Lions are social animals, living in prides of up to 30. Females do most of the hunting, while males fight to protect the pride.
2:09 - But when the pride finds something big they all join the hunt and they don't quit until they've made their kill.
2:26 - Result - Lions have more fighting experience, a vital factor in the battle ahead.