Tradução de "what's on"

Eu queria saber o que significa What's on.
É um programa que passa na universal channel e chama what's on.
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"What's on?" is a common way to ask what programs are (or program is) being broadcast.

Q-What's on tonight?
A-At 8:00 PM there is a new Mel Gibson movie. (At 8:00 PM a new Mel Gibson movie comes on.) Want to watch it with me?

I can hear the television on in the next room. Do you know what is on?

"The King of Queens" comes on at seven o'clock.

Good question!
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Thank you Thomas.

Yesterday I was watching tv when that program started and suddenly the answer came to my mind.
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See how smart you are? :D

Learning the expression through an experience is far better than learning it from a dictionary. Of course, we can't learn all words that way. Dictionaries have their uses.
How can I translate this question?

"What's your homework on?