Tradução de "writing merely their Christian and surname"

"Let it be perfectly plain, tinted, if you like, in color, but without ornament, and have your name written or printed in the middle, your address, in smaller characters, in the lower left hand corner. Many gentlemen omit the Mr. Upon their cards, writing merely their Christian and surname."
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 46175 6 35 814
...their Crhistian (name) and surname.
Foi isso que pensei Paulo, obrigado.. Rs
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 46175 6 35 814
Gosh! I had inverted the "h" and "r" consonants: Christian (Chr...)
I had forgotten the rule which mandates the first consonant that appears in the dictionary first, then the one that comes afterward.
It might have one exception or two, but it works beautifully most of the time. ;-)

John (h- comes first // n-comes afterwards - not the opposite).
Christian (h - comes first/ / r - comes afterwards).

And so on and on.
But I will certainly spell some of them wrong again and again! ESL student...
But then, this proves that I am not a robot, without the need to use captchas, he hee.