Yay or nay - Tradução em português


What does it mean?

Anyone can help me?


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É necessário o contexto onde estes termos foram usados. O contexto é fundamental para se fazer traduções/interpretações. Recomendamos a leitura das regras de uso do fórum:


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These two words are commonly used when an oral vote has been requested, probably at a club meeting.

Yay = yes (in favor), Nay = no (opposed)

for example:

"There is a motion on the floor that our club donate $100 to the Haiti Relief Fund. All in favor, say 'Yay'. (Some club members vote by saying "Yay".) All those opposed, say 'Nay'". (A few club members vote by saying "Nay".) It appears clear to me that the Yays have it. (Meaning "more people said 'Yay' than said 'Nay'.) Does anyone want a show of hands? (Does anyone want to vote again but with a count of hands for the proposal and then a count of hands opposing the proposal?) If not, so carried. (It has been decided.) The club will donate $100 to the Haiti Refief Fund."

Thank you so much for enlightening me.