You can't always just be thought out of - Tradução em português

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Calling everyone's depression "the same", are you insane?
Guess not, or at least one psychiatrist would've explained
You can't always just be "thought out" of deuces[?]
It's a chemical imbalance, please first do some research

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Thought–out / Thought out
(1) If something is carefully/well/badly thought out, it is carefully/well/badly planned;
(2) Produced by or showing the results of much thought.

Meanings: (já) aguardado / esperado / planejado / previsível / pensado / ponderado / insensato / concebido / apresentado

Thought out
(1) idea; plan
(2) something which is not considered possible due to bad planning.

Meanings: ideia / plano / insensatez


1) For that reason, every document we adopt must be well thought out and well balanced.
Por este motivo, qualquer documento que aprovemos deve ser bem pensado / planejado e equilibrado.

2) The Stability and Growth Pact was, therefore, in essence badly thought out.
O Pacto de Estabilidade e Crescimento foi, por conseguinte, mal concebido, na essência.

3) You think you are enlarging the EU empire by this ill thought-out policy.
Convenceram-se de que estão a alargar o império da UE com esta política insensata.

- To tough out
phrasal verb; slang

(1) To endure something despite hardship; get through something.
(2) To carry on with something despite difficulties or setbacks.
(3) To stay firm and determined in a difficult situation.

Meaning: resistir /suportar / perdurar /aguentar; aguentar o toco; a barra; o repuxo (informal)


1) Sorry, you'll just have to tough it out! I think I can tough this job out for another month.
Desculpe, você terá que engolir essa! Acho que posso aguentar esse trampo por mais um mês.

2) The researchers toughed out another winter in the Arctic.
Os pesquisadores resistiram a outro inverno no Ártico.

3) I wanted to leave the military academy as soon as possible, but I decided to tough it out until the end of the semester.
Eu queria deixar a academia militar o mais rápido possível, mas decidi suportá-la / aguentar o repuxo até o fim do semestre.

Related expressions:

A) tough-out
Some synonyms: knockabout; rough; difficult; resolute; unyielding, etc...

B) tough out
Some synonyms: hoodlum; roughneck; rowdy / toughie, hooligan (informal) / hood; punk; gorilla (slang)

- adjective: resistente (no sentido de persistência, teimosia ou ignorância); problemático; teimoso; ignorante; cabeça-dura; pessoa difícil; negligente
- noun: percalço; dificuldade; contratempo.


1) One through nine, we're a bunch of tough-outs.
Um entre nove, somos um bando de cabeças-duras.

2) He had more tough outs and still scored a lot of runs and played well.
Ele teve mais contratempos / percalços e ainda assim marcou bastante pontos e jogou bem.

- Deuce
1. (AmE / CnE) a thing representing, or represented by, the number two, in particular.
2. (sports) the tie score of 40-all in a game, at which a player needs two consecutive points to win the game.

- Deuce(s)
(noun; slang)

1. A synonym for later, goodbye. Derived from peace, or peace out, as in throwing two fingers up when leaving.
2. (UK) an offensive hand gesture which means "F** you guvna" lol


1) Mark: "Dude I gotta go!" = "Meu, preciso ir!"
Peter: "Bright deuces!" = "De boa / Na paz / Vá pela sombra!"



Read: (1) como-dizer-va-pela-sombra-em-ingles-t21918.html
(2) ... gh-it-out/

Other meanings:
(1) como-dizer-naipe-do-baralho-em-ingles-t9601.html
(2) como-dizer-soltar-um-barro-em-ingles-t44341.html

I believe you were talking about the song Don't Trust Prince Ea (Diss track) from the band You and What Army.
The vocalist Dave Brown runs the YouTube channel 'boyinaband' where he makes music tutorials, skits and videos involving the band. He has also collaborated with other YouTube users. He also has a career as a producer, specializing in electronic and metal music.

"Prince Ea" is derived from Sumerian mythology meaning "The Prince of the Earth".
It is the stage name of the rapper Richard Williams.

Shall we take a look on this verse?

"Calling everyone's depression "the same", are you insane? = Considerar a depressão de todos "a mesma", você pirou?
Guess not, or at least one psychiatrist would've explained = Acho que não, ou pelo menos um único psiquiatra teria explicado
You can't always just be thought out of deuces = Você não pode apenas ser sempre negligente / neliente / insensato à paz / às pazes.
It's a chemical imbalance, please first do some research = É um desequilíbrio químico, por favor, faça antes alguma pesquisa.

Wow! What a long explanation!
Sorry! I got carried away!

I hope you find it interesting.

So long,


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