Transcrição de vídeo "The Mentalist"

Could someone put subtitles on this video just until 2:00 I usually would put by myself but is kinda difficult
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-Bowman's dead but his daughter isn't. Is that the drivers license picture?
-Look at this.. [let me see]
-Rachel Bowman, Sherry Winger.
-Ms Rachel's had some work done, but that's her. Get her address, fast!

-You didn't know that my father died in prison.. did you?
-From an infection. Do you know how incredibly stupid that is? Simple antibiotics could have saved him but a prison hospital.. it's a nightmare in there. They just let him die but you killed him.
-Your anger is misplaced.
-Oh really?
-You can't be angry with your father so.. here I am.
-Don't you dare say that. My father loved me. He took care of me, provided for me, I'm all he ever cared about.
-Yes you are.. and he wouldn't want you doing this.
-No I think he would be very proud. He loved me so much, and you made me betray him. When(?) you were talking to me, asking about me and my dad.. I thought that you were actually concerned. I thought that you liked me?
thank you very much, after you read the subtitles the entire video seems a joke of being so easy.