Transcrição de video Youtube - Social Anxiety

Hey you guys, what's up?! Well, somebody heeelp me? Estou transcrevendo esse vídeo, mas sinto um pouqunho de dificuldade em algumas palavras que a vlogueira fala... alguém poderia transcrever pra mim? Pleaseee! 2 minutos de vídeo, rapidinho guys... I'd be very grateful!

Segue o link:

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So, today I wanna talk about social anxiety and, is it just me, or when you know you’re gonna meet someone for the first time, are you like freaking out about how you’re gonna greet them?

Do I just wave or (missing) I guess I should shake her hand. No! That’s too formal! Should I hug her?? That’s weird. (missing) You’re lost.

And even before that interaction happens, if I know I’m going to meet someone, I create my conversations in my head to be prepared. It’s sort of like doing imaginary (missing) with yourself to prepare for the big show, even though the big show is really just meeting someone face-to-face rather than face-to-screen. And I’m so weird around strangers. I become overcompensating polite, like, disgustingly polite. But this comes to the negative aspect, because if I’m polite to someone and they don’t reciprocate, then I’m really upset.

Hey, asshole, I held up this fucking door for you, and you don’t even wanna say “thanks”!? Who do you think you are!? Next time you can hold up this fucking door by yourself, ok!? (missing). Bitch...

I’m exaggerating, it really goes like:

(missing) ... Bitch!

Lately, social interaction, or even the idea of social interaction, has given me the same anxiety that I used to feel right before when I’m on a stage. And that is rediculous, right? Those are not the same thing. And look, I made this video very lighthearted, obviously it’s for comedy (missing) and rediculous jokes in it. But, anxiety is something that I need to laugh at, and I need to make jokes about in order to convince myself that I have a really (missing). If you are suffering from anxiety, what I found worked best for me, is to try changing my perspective on it. So you have to convince yourself that it is not frightening. No! It’s an exciting adventure and, yea, it may sound gay, but, I really don’t care at this point because, I don’t know about you, but, I don’t wanna be a pussy for the rest of my life... just saying.

Well, I gave my best shot. Hope it helps!
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