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Bom, está no Kiwi Accent, gostaria da transcrição completa se vocês puderem, e principalmente no finalzinho, depois de ela falar "like it or not, our accent is ours", eu quero entender a graça também, mas o máximo que entendi ainda na fala dela depois é algo parecido com "onions"... :lol:
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I don't have a kiwi accent.

And [....] sounding more like ourselves and [..] we're stoked. Kia ora, good evening.. [...] shops anyone?

There are things, there are words like umm 'milk' and uhh 'wellington'. The way we talk is changing - it seems we're proud of it.

The way we talk is changing. According to a university study, the kiwi accent's become stronger over the past 30 years, and even news readers have loosened their grip on the queen's English.
- Can you read that out for me?
- I don't have a kiwi accent.
- I don't have a kiwi accent.
- I don't have a kiwi accent.... do I?
Dr Alan Bell's been listening to ordinary New Zealanders and our broadcasters for 30 years.
- We used to think that we had to sound rather like the queen.
- Our top story tonight another high level mental health ....
He's noticed a lot of changes. -Doesn't that worry you...
- Our "our"s and "i"s and "a"s are much more kiwi and happily kiwi now than they were 30 years ago.
Trainee broadcasters are still given voice lessons, but they're now allowed to keep their accent.
- As long as they are being understood we don't have too many problems with the whole pronunciation thing. It's not as strict as it used to be.
The most common kiwi pronunciations include saying "buh" instead of "but", "schoow" instead of "school, and "wullington" for "wellington". David England's a voice coach.
- I don't have a kiwi accent.
He admits he sometimes cringes...
- when I hear "hulth" "wulth" and "wulfare" instead of "health" "wealth" and "welfare".
But he's come around to the idea that we should have our own sound.
- The videos we're seeing ... so here it is..
Alan Bell says now that we're proud to sound kiwi, we should hear more Maori and Pacific accents in the mainstream media.
- I would be in favor of those accents also being showcased.
- ????????
- It looks like we're happy to leave the queen's English to the queen. Like it or not, our accent is ours. Lisa Glass, one news.

a graça no final, quanto eu saiba, é só que ela fala com um sotaque forte quando diz "one news" eu não consegui entender sem ler os 'legendos'
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haha, muito obrigado mesmo dlr.