Transcrição: The Mentalist vídeo

Can anyone put subtitles on this video and correct my mistakes? (I devised some names) ... re=channel

Where is Patick james?
In the...
That’s inconvinient
I’m sorry is there a problem?
Yes, James is the lead suspect of my investigation and I can’t find him
Do you answered lead suspect?
You smile, you think he’s not capable of murder?
He’s capable, I’m smiling because absurd idea James killed Jhonsen ,he caught him, he putted him in that cell
He was last person to see he alive in that cell
I was he’s next last, the john …speaks with James, he said he had a secret , he wouldn’t tell anyone else Jame, Jame wouldn’t want see him, I made him go, the guy was in fire when he opened the cell door, why would Jame kiil him?
That’s why I …ask him, when I find him
Hey Lisbon, Eloy rushy is looking for you, oh where she look? James you don’t wanna around this one, you should …come in, oh did you track down…cover group?
Oh I think I found what I looking for ,gotta go
Hey Vurjell , Patrick what you doing here? You … system tell me where I find you, I need your help, that’s twist, you never need my help when I was your boss, what help could I be now? A couple of killer burned the… in CBI…today, I heard, listen if is anything to do with that I don’t wanna know , whoever set the fire works for Red john, James, he was a member of red john’s network and the another member in he’s network to stop from talking but here’s the thing Ben john doesn’t know I know that, for the first time I have the advantage, you sound that’s my friend, this is real if I can find who killed Dan Johnson I can trace them back to Red john, I need the … suspect list.
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