Trashing the Gulf of Mexico

Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 9960 2 17 177
A good portion of the Gulf of Mexico is now a cesspool, a dead zone. We did it for oil, oil found only more than a miie under water, because all the other easy oil has already been found. But we`re still living in the Oil Age, and nobody wants to come off it.

Tonight I heard an interesting comment from an energy critic talking about the Oil Age. He said we didn`t leave the Stone Age because we ran out of stones. We left it, he said, because we learned better ways to make tools.

Well, I guess it`s a good thing we haven`t run out of stones, as we may be headed back there...

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Avatar do usuário Gabi 705 1 1 13
It's so sad...
I've heard on the news they saying that the oil spill is not that big comparing to the ocean size.
It's hard to wait for something good happens because the only thing they think of is money.