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All right?

Terrie:How long have you been doing this sort of work?
Nessie:Six months or so.It´s a really reawarding experience for me!
Terrie:Tell us how it all started?
Nessie:Well,We´ve always been into it,so it was like having fun.
Terrie:Could you give us more details?
Nessie:Sure!We don´t do things for the sake of doing them,my sister really wanted to open a videostore and there wasn´t anything like it then.
Terrie:Cartoons have always been popular with both children and adults,what people most like about them?
Nessie:Well,I believe that they sort of show us a reality that we´re not used to,not bored with.And children realise it easily.
Terrie:Well,thank you for the interview.Keep up the good work!
Nessie:That´s all right!We do appreciate all of your interest in our business.Thank you so much|
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