Tryna catch the beat, make up your heart - Tradução em português

"Tryna catch the beat, make up your heart."

Alguém consegue me ajudar nessa tradução.

Eu conheço make up your mind, mas não make up your heart.

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Hello Douglas!
"Make up your heart" mean to take certain decisions from your heart, decisions that bring joy and peace to your heart, or do things that will make your heart be in peace.
An English singer Elsa brightman said:

One of them is strong, one of them is good, but both could turn out wrong.
So who gets the part?
Make up my mind, make up my heart.

I dont want one to win and one to lose.
Cant tell them yes or no.
Choosing one means letting one go.
Oh I cant face letting one of them go.
Youd think two lovers would be twice the fun but its tearing me apart.
Someone help me make up my heart.
Please tell me how to make up my heart.

Best wishes
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I think it's like "winning hearts and minds", if you only win minds it doesn't last long. It may be a transient love, a flash in the pan.
If you "make up your mind" you take a decision. If you make your heart, you certainly set your heart for something. It's something long-lasting and certainly a real feeling/emotion.

Set you heart for something = ter algo no coração/ter ou desenvolver uma paixão por algo (arte/alguma carreira, etc)/querer muito algo (ou fazer algo)/pôr o coração em algo (uma atividade, etc)/(o coração) ser motivado por algo...

So, I think "make up your heart" suggests some "passion", something from within that is more enduring that just "making one's mind". In literature heart is emotion, contrasting with "mind" which is about reason.