Um Discurso Político Honesto em Inglês

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Em ano de eleição presidencial (decisiva por sinal) no Brasil, vale a pena conferir este texto em inglês, que fala sobre a política nos EUA... e, talvez, no resto do mundo.

An honest politician's speech,

''If I am elected I promise to do all I can to promote myself and do all I can to make as much money as I can. I will ignore my constituency and vote the way I feel personally. I will not support a bill if it means a fight and is unpopular. Also, if elected, I promise all my promises will be kept, if I deem them necessary at the time.

I will not be partial to lobbying groups, I will pick the one that I consider most beneficial to myself, regardless!
Furthermore, I and my office will be open for any input on any issue that I deem important. I don't care about tradition unless it suits my purposes today and not many do.

I personally promise to stay out of controversial subjects such as , welfare, social security, taxes, abortion, and scandals if it might affect my re-election. You can also be assured that I will object to any investigation of anybody for anything, since it might affect my own integrity in office.

Patriotism was a very important trait in the establishment of this country especially for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and so on but because of such moral decay and personal greed that is rampant today I will not be bound by such oddities.

Nothing I have ever said can be held against me since everything I have ever said I really didn't say, Only the things I should have said that affect the things that I say now are really the things that I have said, and I really mean that!

Let me end by stating that I need your vote and am willing to do anything to get it and I mean anything! I am glad to have been so honest and straightforward with you today, unlike my sleaze ball competition who is not honest with his promises, My ambitions are sincere. Thank you for your vote.''


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