Uma resposta minha como contribuidor no WAnswers.- 2

Gostaria de saber se minha resposta coincidiu com o contexto da pergunta, e também quanto à qualidade da minha resposta, sem ir muito longe em questões profundas gramaticais. Apenas se houver um erro mais sério.

Pergunta: Why do you prefer English Education?

Minha resposta, digitada no ato: If you are talking about the involvement on any study in which English is the main language, then there is a reason. English is nowadays the most important language in the world. To get a good job, the mastering of English is essential.
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Good answer. I just would like to, if I may, to argue with the last point.
To my thinking (if it were me the one to answer), to get a job the mastering of English is very important, but perhaps not essential.
English is instrumental to read manuals, to the learning of a number of things, but it is almost a basic requirement nowadays to any line of work.
Well, perhaps it´s me, though.

Anyway, to a quick response you did great!
A pergunta que respondi é a seguinte : Why is more difficult to move in the water than in the air?

Minha resposta :
Depending on the situation, sometimes is more difficult to move in air than in water. Primarily, it is more difficult to move in water because water is much more dense than air. But it is necessary to consider which type of movimentation in air, you are referring to. Are you planning to attach wings onto your back, to jump from a high rock and fly? It also depends on the speed you are moving. At a very high speed, the air offers much more difficult to go through it, while in the air, at low speed, this difficult is much less intense.
Thanks PPaulo, but I didn't write to get a job, but a GOOD job, which is quite different, considering the candidate is planning to get a job in a great enterprise,
Usually, great enterprises require good english from their candidates in adminstrative departments. In this case, I consider that advanced English is essential.
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Okay, point made. I had overlood the "mastering of English", which would be almost expected. Since I have seen "mastering" being used in such ways that borders the common and ordinary ways, to the point of thinking that mastering being just knowing English (I have seen sentences and phrases with "mastering" used like that).
This was what sprang to my mind (without all the facts), wich have now changed with the word "advanced", wich is the sense you meant. ;)
So, here is my mea culpa on that one.