Uso de "cut" na frase "clear cut"

Cambodia: forestry and development, it's not always clear cut.

Qual o motivo para usar "cut" no fim da frase? Eu traduzi depois da vírgula assim: nem sempre é claro. Está certo? Não percebo a inflência do "cut" na tradução.

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Simon, without the rest of the text it's hard to answer your question, but I'll give it a shot. The use of "clear cut" seems to be a play on words here. If we say something is "clear cut" it means it's simple, obvious and clear (eg. "There are no clear cut answers to the problem"). We also use "clear cut" in another sense to mean cutting all the trees in an area, rather than selecting just the ones we want to use. It seems the author is saying that the relation between forestry and development is not a simple issue and at the same time he alludes to the practice of clear cutting forest in Cambodia.