Uso do That na sentença: "I'm not that happy"

What's up soulbrodas?
Well, my doubt is wether the use of the word THAT is correct or not in the sentence: "I'm not that happy."
Actually, the point is the way the word THAT affects the sentence. My aim is to get something that sounds like: "Eu não estou tão feliz."
In fact, one would come up saying, why don't you use the word SO instead. Well, I already know it works fine with SO.
I just can't figure out wether I had got this from my mind, or I heard this somewhere else.

Here go some other sentences that sounds fine with THAT, at least for me ;) , and that may direct my question to an easier understanding:
>>>This game ain't THAT easy. (Esse jogo não é assim tão fácil)
>>>-Do you think it's cheap?
-Well, that's definetely cheaper, but not THAT much.(Bem, isso é definitivamente mais barato, mas nem tanto).

Any errors of mine that you guys may want to point out, please, do it.
Best Regards,

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Flavia.lm 1 10 95
HI Rubens

From my point of view, "that" and "so" have exactly the same meaning.
Logan18 1
I agree with Flávia.

There are not difference between these sentences " I'm not that happy " and " I'm not so happy " I really think " that " in this case has exactly the same meaning of "So" as Flávia said previously.

Here as in many countries we can have phrases or words with the same meaning, just we need to know how we can apply them.

And remember in English we can't to translate everything " ao pé da letra".
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