Vale a pena fazer um curso intensivo no Canadá de 1 mês?

Atualmente tenho o inglês intermediário e M O R R O de medo de falar, da pronúncia sair errada e coisas do tipo. Acontece que estou querendo ficar 1 mês em Toronto em um curso super intensivo com 28 horas/aula semanais mas não sei se vale a pena ficar tão pouco tempo.

O que vocês acham?
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If I were in your place I would think "the more the merrier". See that German Youtuber girl that came to Brazil study Portuguese? Mahai her name.
She took 11 months to get that Portuguese, and that because the Brazilians friends pushed her into talking and then using Portuguese correctly, or at least to try.

So, it was a highly learner-friendly environment, and she says she didn´t regret, should she gone to France or another European country, and being such introvert a person, she would experience difficulties. That, in her own words. And her exchange program took 11 months.

Obviously there are cases and cases, I myself am a bit on the shy side, but one has to get out of his/her comfort zone. When in Toronto do as the Torontonians do, that is use the local language.
Well, to me - a slow learner - so little time wouldn´t be satisfactory, but then you said you´re an intermediate learner (so let´s say you can skip some introductory basics) and will make the most of it.
Good luck on your trip, and please let us know how it went. Other students might be interested as well.
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There´s a program to Brazilian students, the "giramundo" - an exchange program (at least there is in Paraiba from what I read on their press).
In such program 200 students from public school system were selected to some countries, including Canada, Argentina etc. It will be 6 months abroad.
Yeah, I think 6 months would be a more acceptable and reasonable option. Of course 1 month may or may not be good, it depends on the student, the school, the environment, etc.