Wavin’ Flag

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Wavin’ Flag by Young Artists For Haiti
When I get older
I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom
Just like a wavin flag


Born from a throne
Older than Rome
But violent prone
Poor people zone

[Nelly Furtado]

But it's my home
All I have known

[Sam Roberts]

Where I got grown
But now it's gone

[Avril Lavigne]

Out of the darkness
In came the carnage
Threatening my very survival

[Pierre Bouvier of Simple]

Fractured my streets

And broke all my dreams

[Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman]

Feels like defeat to wretched retreat


So we strugglin'

[Kardinal Offishall]

Fighting to eat


And we wonderin'

[Kardinal Offishall]

If we'll be free

[Jully Black]

We cannot wait for some faithful day
It's too far away so right I'll say

[All - Chorus]

When I get older
I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom
Just like a waving flag

(And then it goes back x3)

Ahhho ahhho ahhho


So many wars, settling scores

[Deryck Whibley of Sum 41]

All that we've been through
And now there is more

[Serena Ryder]

I hear them say love is the way

[Jacob Hoggard of Hedley]

Love is the answer that's what they say

[Emily Haines]

But were not just dreamers
Of broken down grievers

[Hawsley Workman]

Our hand will reach us
And we will not see ya


This can't control us
No it can't hold us down

[Chin Injeti]

We gon pick it up even though we still struggling

[Pierre Lapointe]

Au nom de la survie (In the name of survival)


And we wondering

[Pierre Lapointe]

Battant pour nos vie (Fighting for our lives)


We patiently wait
For some other day

[Fefe Dobson and Esthero]

That's too far away so right now we say

[All - Chorus]

[Drake - Rapping]

Uhh – well alright

How come when the media stops covering
And there's a little help from the government
We forget about the people still struggling

And assume that it's really all love again, nahh
See we don't have to wait for things to break apart
If you weren't involved before it's never too late to start
You probably think that it's too far to even have to care
Well take a look at where you live what if it happened there?
You have to know the urge to make a change lies within
And we can be the reason that we see the flag rise again

[Nikki Yanofsky & Drake]

When I get older
I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom
Just like a wavin' flag


And then it goes back

[Justin Nozuka]

And then it goes back

[Nikki Yanofsky]

Then it goes back

[Chorus - All]

[Justin Bieber]

When I get older
When I get older
I will be stronger
Just like a waving flag.

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