"Went to the hospital" x "Went to hospital": A diferença

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Dear friends:

I was writting a sentence when sundenly a newbie question came to my mind as I've never thought about this issue before.

What's the difference between:

I went to the hospital x I went to hospital

Reading on a different blog a guy said:

In proper British English it is "I went to hospital", since it's a health care institution like school and college are educational ones.

Note, you use "I went to school", as you use "I went to college" and not "I went to the college", it would be different if you used in specific situations: "I went to hospital"( I don't know if also putting a reason such as "because I was ill" is still correct so I finished there) while it is "I went to THE hospital to visit my friend."

I'm afraid this one is an exception from those definite article examples.
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Marcio_Farias 12585 1 23 212
In the US you say, "... to the hospital," no matter whether it has a particular name or not.

On the topic. Please read this relevant post.
Thomas 14770 7 59 288
I have NEVER heard "I went hospital" nor the other "went + other examples you used".
Daniel.S 705 1 2 7
It wasn't me Thomas I just copied those examples. But I'm still looking forward to whatever insights you may have.