Wet x Wetted- Which one should I use?

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Hi There EE =) Most dictionaries say there are two forms for the 'past simple' or the 'participle''. ''Wet'' just like the present form and 'Wetted''. But, I've googled it and I 've seen many people saying it would sound strange and a bit weird. So, Am I supposed to use only 'Wet?' Is the form ''Wetted'' that wrong? Thanks
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Wetted is not usually much used. Anyway there are cases you could do it:

Wetted as a verb:
The firebricks may be wetted in order to guarantee the same test conditions for each successive test.
Larvae require wood to be constantly wetted so that fungi break down the wood fibres.

...as an adjective:
Wetted components are made of inert plastics.

You can see that in the latter, for example, wetted components/wetted parts etc, is a kind of fixed expression.

While at it, conversely, you shouldn´t change "wet seasons" for wetted seasons.