What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a car?

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Harm can be acceptable in this contex, however the prefered word would be shortcomings, and I thought I would just throw in a new or seldom used word (detriments) just to create some supplementary interest. Incidentally, in American English the past tense of learn is learned, not learnt, which is not a word. However in the Queens English learnt is a proper word and is a past tense of learn.

Welcome to the ludicrous world of English.

Idiom - throw in
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Ludicrous world, but still quite interesting.
Thank you very much for throwing in new words. That really works since I am pretty curious!! :D

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I think it is good having a car, because in this way you can go to wherever you want, if you have enough gasoline, of course. But, as some guys told, an own vehicle is responsible for a lot of pollution and so, it is more healthy to the enviroment traveling by public means of transportation.

If you have a car, we can make new friends just giving a ride, but we also have undesired situations when anyone asks us for a ride without we want to. It is a problem, but, of course, there are people don't pander to that. Well, I have a friend who always gives me a ride, because we stay out of our homes at night and the streets near where I live are dangerous.

I have never had a car and a drivers licence. Nevertheless, I am sure that it is much better have a car than don't have one.

See you all!
Thre are a lot of advantages of having a car, I won't cite all them. But the disadvantages are that not everyone can foot the bill for the car, plus the insurance, gas, and maintenance, all related to money! But to the riches, these things aren't a problem!
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I think the biggest problem is that you have to spend a lot of money to have a car. Or you'll spend money to buy a good car or you'll have to give it a good maintanance that is also not cheap. No doubt it is the worst investment that you can make, you'll always loose money. In the other hand, a car facilitates your routines in a large scale.
-You don't need to take crowded buses or subways when you go to work

I think the disadvantages of having a car is spend a lot of money. But if you have conditions to pay this confort, for sure the advantages make worthwhile.
I think that having a car is better than take a bus. Take a bus in brazil means stress. It's more comfortable go out with a car than take a bus.
Take a bus in Brazil it's too difficult because the bus delay to reach and always it´s full.

I prefer having a car it´s good and simple to use.

Have a good night people!
Hello Folks!
I would say that we have as advantages as disadvantages about have a car. Why? Firstable i want to talk about advantages that we have, such as:
- Wherever you wanna go, you just go
- If you wanna do a trip and the place where you wanna go is a little bit away from you, you can go by car normally.
- If you wanna go to a place and is raining
Only those advantages..

Now we gonna talk about the disadvantages, such as:
- You spend a lot of money to keep the car working well, like changing everything according mileage.
- You spend a lot of money to pay all the taxes for the government.
- When you buy a car, after it is costing so much less than when you've bought.

That's it!
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Advantages and disadvantages:

Follows my opiniom about it.


You don't need a bus to move from a place to another, mostly to job or school.
you able to make a trip with your family, without any problem

There's others but, it was already said here.


high cost to keeping his car working.
High cost gasoline.
maintenance, in this case, depends on the mileage.
the government steals a big part of your money in taxes will serve to nothing but keeping your wallet empty hehe.

Thats it in my opinion.

I'm improving my english yet, so make yourselves confortable to correct me, if you find any mistakes.

See you all.