What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying alone?

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Actually I don't like studying in groups because when I do, it always end up in a useless conversation, the only way to avoid this problem when in group studies is studying with unknown people, but it, as everything in life, has its disadvantages. :roll:
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Advantages: I can study when I want to, schedule the topics that I want to learn myself and I dont have to pay for ( just Internet connection ).

I dont have a teacher to correct my mistakes.
No classmattes to practice my knowledges earned at school.

Please, help me!
I can study whenever I want
I have the liberty to study whatever I want, according to my needs
I learn new ways/methods to learn the language
Learning English via the internet, I will find valuable resources
Full independence when you reach a certain level

[What was supposed to be] Disadvantages:
I miss having a good teacher around me to correct my mistakes
Well, this one above can be fixed if you have a native-speaker friend you can talk to, the first thing you can do is ask him/her to point out any mistakes he/she thinks ought to be corrected, so, if you have reached a certain level of English, maybe an English teacher might not be that necessary. Nevertheless, I must say that having a teacher around you is very important on your way to fluency, and not saying that because of me being an English teacher, haha.

You sometimes will get too lazy, and that will not so often happen in a classroom, even though if you are not in the mood, things will not work out on their own to you, just because you have support from a teacher.
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I prefer to study alone because you can go at your own pace. One of the main reasons why people don't get fluent quickly is that they procrastinate... and if you're learning in a group setting, there are bound to be some procrastinators in the class that will hold everybody else back. In fact, I've never had a teacher for most of the languages I speak... studying alone is a strong preference of mine. ;)
It's very cheap.
I can study whatever I want.
I don't have any homework rsrs.

Is necessary be very careful and organized.
Is also necessary like the subject, I believe people who don't like math can't learn it by yourself, for example.
And is necessary make a plan, things that you will learn until certain day, a kind of deadline.
Advantage: You can Study whenever you want to.

Disadvantage: Nobody will correct you.
Advantage: you make your own time e focus on what you really need.

Disadvantage: In my case, i don´t pratice a lot pronuciation because there is no one to corrects you.
Depends on the kind of study you are following. If you are training conversation, two or more students is very important.

I love to studying alone, that's how I learnt everything I know about english.
I believe that there is not such thing like a "natural self-taught". We all can be self-taught and the education we receive should just prepare us for that.

The advantages are many:
- you control your schedule
- you study whatever you feel is most important for you, without being restricted by rigid "planned books" made by someone else.
- you exercise your independence, your curiosity and your problem solving skills.

Of course, for me, studying alone doesn't mean to be closed in your room and apart from social contact. I think studying alone provides even more chances for us to seek for another "self-taught" learners willing to improve in whatever field you are interested.

The thing is that some people who say that "only can learn with a teacher telling me everything" put thenselves in such passive learning condition that makes learning tedious, harder and inefficient.

There are some disadvantages for the "lone learner" just in relation to a learner who, besides having a good teacher, is a self taught hinself. In other words, having a teacher is going to potentialize the results for the self taught. :)

I think this is it!
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I can study whenever I want, if I feel like studying at 3 a.m. I can do it

I miss having a good teacher around to correct my mistakes.