What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying alone?

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-You don't need to spend money, it's totally free.

-You're not going to have anybody to help you when you have a doubt and nobody to correct your mistakes.
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Advantages: I can choose what's better time to do my homeworks, read books and practice listening.
There are no limits of time, if I want to study 3 hours or 15 minutes, this is my choice...
Disadvantages: To learn alone you can´t loose the focus.
A teacher can solve your doubts and see your progress under a professional line of sight!

I don´t need to pay for it!
I can study lestening music, use the computer or read a book.
I Can study 3 times a day and I won´t to stay tired. Because I cant stop any time.


I can´t know like this my English, because I´ll be alone.
I won´t get a certificate

certificate is more important because you can find a good job!

It´s my opinion
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The only disadvantage of studying alone is that you can't really practice speaking skills.

There are thousands of advantages but I think the most important is that you don't need to waste your precious money.
I think studying English alone is a great advantage because it´s challenging. It will make you want to comunicate more, meet new people all the time to be able to practice. Of course, there´s nothing better then the internet to do this. The person that is really interested in learning English will do just fine by him self. The disvantages are, of course, not having a teacher to correct you, to guide you, and to give you lessons. I am trying here all by my self, I guess I am doing ok so far.
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While studying alone, I used to struggle more; my performance was really good, but I often wished I had someone to guide me! Then, I started attending an English school. Though I've asked my teachers lots of questions, I relaxed: my performance has decreased, but thank God I did not stop learning!
I can study how I want, I can choose the material. There are many differents tools to study, for example on internet, CDs, movies, music etc.
I don't have teacher to answer my questions and doubts. If you Study alone you must have discipline and focus, It is very difficult for all students.
I graduated from an English Course two years ago. While I was there, I used to think I would be fluent when I reached the highest level. Now, I know that it is nothing but a myth. I agree that having a teacher or other students to talk to is really important, even for basic students. However, neither a teacher nor classrooms are enough to lead someone into the fluency. I've realized that the most important thing someone should do to be fluent is the following: study correctly and constantly. It doesn't matter if it will be at an English Course or alone. Unfortunately, neither the course I attended nor others I have been in touch were appropriate to me. In my opinion, they waste a lot of time with not only old-fashioned but also ineffective methods. For this reason, I decided to study by myself and I'm doing well. Recently, I've learned a great technique from Frank Florida that really works for me. Now, I'm really happy and more confident that I can speak English anytime and anywhere.
I miss having a good teacher around to correct my mistakes.
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I think that the advantages are the freedom of the rules of the school, this rules genereally delay our developement, because we don't can go beyond the program.
The disadvantages are for example, that this text must have erros, but I don't perceive, because everything I now, I learned alone.
This way, I have a good undertanding of movies and texts, but I have too very difficuty for to talk and to write.
OBS: I like that corrected me, so, feel free.