What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying alone?

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Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying alone?


I can study whenever I want, if I feel like studying at 3 a.m. I can do it :)
I can choose the subjects I like most.
Nowadays it is perfectly possible to have the same advantages of a school by using the Internet tools.


I miss having a good teacher around to correct my mistakes.
I wish I studied with a group of other students so then we could share our experiences and practice conversation.
It is difficult to organize myself and know what is important to study and what is not.

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Advantages: I do my schedules and is very cheap.
Disadvantages: I've have very discipline, I don't have a teacher to take all my doubts, especially the pronunciation of words.
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jumiut escreveu:Advantages: I do my schedules and is very cheap.
Disadvantages: I've have very discipline, I don't have a teacher to take all my doubts, especially the pronunciation of words.


If I may, I would like to offer the following rewrite of your post, and have you tell me why I made the changes.

Advantages: I can set my own schedules and it is a very cheap way to learn any subject.

Disadvantages: Sometimes I lack the necessary discipline, also I do not have a teacher to answer my questions, and correct my pronunciation of words.
The advantages: I can study whatever topics i want to,do my homework in my own seted time (I like to do things rapidly and well done)and i can ,at the end and have succeded,be much more happier knowing that it all was done with no help,showing how capable i am.
The Disavantages:Some time it takes too long in some topics because i have too much doubts,but at least today the self taught student has the internet,which makes it much easier.I have to buy more books which may make it more difficult for it makes necessary more discipline to get all the information and have a good deal with them.And... :roll:
Advantages - no excessive work burdens.

Disadvantages - no focus;
- no planning;
- no one to talk to;-
- no one to test your knowledge, and to know what are your weaknesses and strengths
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Hello there,

There are some students that prefer to travel alone to other country. It's good, because if you travel alone, you'll have to speak the native language, there's no choice. Perhaps, the disadvantage is that you'll need a long time to adapt your lifestyle in that new country and maybe you can get some homesick.

Best Regards!!
I think if someone studies alone, the study becomes more profitable.
Advantages: there aren't a lot of people asking questions that are unnecessary for you, there isn't conversation and teachers reprehending the whole class, you can study the way you best think you can learn, you don't need to wait for the others and you go further and faster in the subject.

Disadvantages: you don't have anyone to take your questions out, you can't ask for help in an exercise or something like this, if you don't understand something in your book you can ask for someone to explain better, if you're not disciplined and organized, you can distract a lot and do other things unless studying, like Tv, snack, Computer, games, and you can procrastinate a lot, you don't have a timetable, usually you don't know where to start, but all these things you can change with EnglishExperts, that helps a lot in a self-teaching.
I have always studied english alone, because been in a public school it's not the best way to really learn a language. The most teachers I had, were so outdated and had such a bad pronunciation that I coudn't let them discourage me. :lol: The best part in studying alone is to focus on the subjects that interests you and focus on the ways you know is more effective. For me it's the television, watching movies and series.
And the hardest part is sometimes you keep a doubt to yourself without a answer due to a lack of a person,a teacher to help you.
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I don't need put aside any money for this,
I set my schedule,
Listening and vocabulary increase quickly.


Writing and Speaking need interaction with others students, but it's very difficult
I don't have a teacher for correct my mistakes