What are the main problems in the city you live in?

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Hi Bill,

Welcome to EE forum.

Thank you very much for your contribution. It is very important for us, Brazilian students of English, to read about the reality of other parts of the world. And fell free to answer all the questions of this section - Portuguese is forbidden here! Your participation in other sections of the forum will be welcome, as well.

I hope this be a good source of learning and information exchange for you and also for your wife.
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I live in Porto Velho-RO and the city has a lot of problems, for example:
- most of people don't have a sewer system, so all the dejects goes to "only gods knows where" (anywhere but the proper place).
-It's a very violent city, you don't feel safe anywhere.
-It's an ugly city(at least I think), we don't have a big tourist point etc...
-Our politicians do nothing to improve the city (I know, most of Brazil suffer the same problem).

Despite of all the problems above I love my city, and I hope to see it getting better and better.
Wow, Fox do Iguaçu really sounds more interesting, like a hollywoodian dangerous place. :o
Just kidding, Bill!

Well, I live in João Pessoa, Paraíba. The most east point of the America. (Please, correct this sentence for me)
Despite it's very beautiful, it's actually a small town, with not many leisure points to go. Of course, for a tourist, it's a beautiful place to come visit. But for a native, we only have about three leisure choices for the weekend.
And, to be honest, the world that I want to be can't be found here.

See you, guys!
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My typographical error, Fox do Iguacu should have been Foz do Iguacu.

Please consider the following:

I live in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. It is the eastern most point in the America's, and a very beautiful small town without many recreational facilites for young people. Tourists find Joso Pessoa a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. However, with the limited recreational facilities my hometown has little to offer me at this time.
I live in Belo Horizonte, and I think the main problems here are the transportation, esp. train and buses, the streets are very bumpy, and although it was the Garden City, it's not anymore, so I think it must have more nature and squares! The education I think it's very good, it has the best placings in Brazil, but the public education is awful! Oh, I can't forget of the hospital, principally the public hospitals, it's horrible, you have to be waiting a long, a long time sitting and then you comfort is terrible, the doctors aren't good and.... I don't know, but BH has to get better anytime!
In my city the mean problem is the violence. Very people think that here in the Rio de Janeiro is a great place to live, i agree a little. The noise of "bailes funk" is a big problem, afterward there is the trafic drugs in the "favelas" (slums). The must streets are sprayed, here in the Brasil there isn't a control of cleaning of the streets. Very people live in the streets and they usually don't looking for a job or don't have opportunities.
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Without doubts, the main problems are security, infrastructure and poverty.

The first item, I can tell that here we don't have places where it's possible to live without that pressure of making everything fastly in order to reduce exposition, for instance, when opening the gate I do it quickly to assure not only my security but to keep my home and family safed.

The second item, there's no doubt this is a real problem in almost every spot, as I'm not a rich person, far from that, I live where the ground isn't so good, there's no great hospitals and entertainment options, however, I cannot deny, there're some positive aspects, like good drugstores, supermarkets and thinks like that. Infrastructure is a though nationalwide issue.

The third one, poverty, oh my goodness, it'll be a problem forever, I don't see good improvements in a near future, however, as everything is possible, perhaps that item will become less markable.

By the way, my city is Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, a countryside of São Paulo, near Campinas. To be honest, despite evertything I told, I do like this place because it's where I grew up and where I go home when I want to see my parents.
I live in Brasília and the main problem here is: there isn't parking lots! It's too hard to find a place to left our cars. There is any parking lot building in the city. That's the main problem in Brasília, in my opinion. It's full of cars but with no place to left them.
I born and live in rio , but violence and rio de Janeiro are synonymous actually .. ahahah its not a joke , only the truth..
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I live in a small town, so we don't have so many problems here, but if I have to point out one I will say that gossip is the main problem lol... You know, little cities has lots of it. :lol:

But there is one specific problem that bothers me a lot: the slow connection to the internet that the city offers, I think that this is the saddest thing in here, at least to me. :cry: