What are the main problems in the city you live in?

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I'm just looking for a place to rent in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and so far it seems like there are no problems here at all! Haha... I'm sure I'll find out about some downsides of this place at some point, but so far it's awesome. The weather is great year-round, food and rent are much cheaper than in Brazil or Europe, my internet connection is fast and reliable, people are friendly and crime is virtually nonexistent!
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I live in Vila Velha and the main problems are corruption, violence and drugs but really the main problem is the political.
Wel,l where I live you will find many corrupt politicians, They don't care about the population, and for this reason, there is no hope for the people of my little city, they don't get a job, cause there are no factories, no corporations.
The only hope for my people, is to leave the city and go to the south part of my country, where they can find jobs, get money to buy their things, their foods, their clothing and to have a more comfortable life.
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You don't know corruption like a cancer grows -- Sung to the tune of The Sound Of Silence
I live in Sao PauloI and the main problems are violence and heavy traffic of cars .
Hi ! :D I'm Victor, 23 and I live in Sao Paulo but is totally near of Sao Caetano and Santo Andre too.

I guess that the most problem of all Brazil first be the politicians.. All the problems only will start to change when come to up solve all problems..

But this is gonna take a long time for over...
I guess that Brazil has all full power for be a greater country... but .. not yet..
After the problem with politicians begin to improve then will be time to live here without think that we don't have a righteous public service.

One option for us in this moment is.. Get out of here.. and go to live in other country that has a better life quality.

So, I don't know, maybe I'm a kind of person that I can't stand more this injustice.

but it's my oppinion :)

Tks ;)

there will be time to think about actually living here.
In my city there are so many trash, and now the people put them in front of the prefecture! Everybody is angry with the administration because the last warrant have done many things against us, mainly misuse of funds and it makes the city a copy of the noon, full of holes!
At moment, I live in Salvador. I don't like to live here, because people is too impolite. This the first problem and the others is violence, full bus all the time, loud music on the street in any street! If you look for a good job, you can't find, because don't have one.

Live in Salvador, is too difficult! I'd like move for Rio de Janeiro. There, have train, subway and bus! The people is polite and have too many jobs for me.

Hug´s for you!
I live in rio de janeiro and here have many problems like health and precarious public transport, education and horrible lack of public safety.
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Well, I lived all my life in Rio. As any big city here always had some problems with violence, poor hospitals and schools, etc. But in the last years the traffic is impossible. All city is literally stopped! It is normal do you waste about one hour to travel ten kilometers.