What are your main strengths and weaknesses?

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Hello everyone,

What are my main strengths, let me see, I: am majestically aristocratic in appearance, am brilliantly perspicacious, exhibit a scintillating repertoire, have an extrospective mesmerizing manner, and am exceptionally unpretentious. In other words I am the consummate representation of the avant-garde gentleman.

With all the strengths listed above it would be "A fool's errand" to attempt such an endeavor as to list any imperfections.

Now, if you believe any of that "Hogwash", "I have a bridge to sell you". :lol: :lol:

Actually if you use the antonyms for my strengths and weaknesses you would "Hit the nail on the head."

However, "At any rate", I have given you a plethora of words and a few idioms to look up. Have fun and a good laugh on me. :D Because I know that "I am laughing :lol: so hard I am crying :cry:" .
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Laughing :lol: and learning a lot!! :D .
That's funny!! :lol: :lol:

Thanks a lot!!
Strenghts: I'm very patient, calm, smart. I don't freak out in difficult situations, I try to solve the problem calmly, with no hurry. I always want to be the best, and I succeed in many cases. And... I worry about others' happiness.

Weaknesses: I worry about others' concern! When I'm one of the best, I fancy myself a lot (that's what people said). I'm a little selfish, I always think, if anybody else is working hardly in the house, cleaning for example, this person has time, (s)he has nothing useful to do, but cleaning, I have things to do, I'm busy, I always study and I'm working hard to have a brilliant future.

One thing I think strange is: I'm very, very sensitive in a few times and very insensitive in many cases. I'm never a little sensitve, or I'm very sensitive or very insensitive! When I receive a gift, for example, I don't express myself, I just take it and thank, but my face keeps the same! When one of my relatives die, I badly cry. But when I'm reading a romantic book, or reading a chapter where a dog suffers (or even in movies), I cry a lot! I don't get it!
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My main strengths are that I almost always think twice before making decisions, I always make sure that everybody is doing okay(I mean, I like to certify myself that my decisions are not affecting anybody by a bad way unnecessarily) and I'm organized as well.

My main weaknesses is that sometimes I'm very lazy and leave things to be done in the last minute.
My worst weakness its Im very nervous and I always want to be in front of everything ( relationship, work, etecetera ) and Im very egocentric..

Strenghts - Im very talented and work hard when I want to accomplish something
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I once had to submit a written job application for a position as an English teacher in Tokyo, and that was one of the questions.

After writing about my strengths, I sat there thinking about the answer to the other question for a couple of minutes... my weaknesses?

I ended up writing: "I've been sitting here for a couple of minutes now and couldn't think of anything. Maybe that implies that my biggest weakness is hubris. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. : )"

That was, of course, tongue in cheek and a bit of a joke. But I submitted the application, smiley face and all. And I got the job.

Glad their HR guy had a sense of humor. ;)
Frank Florida escreveu:
Glad their HR guy had a sense of humor. ;)

nice!!!! hahaahah