What are your plans for your next vacation?

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caodastrevas escreveu:well i can't plan my vacation because during this time that everyone is on vacation i'm satill working but, I intend go to a different, place I like to pass my time seeing things like technology.


Please see if you can understand and determine why I made the following suggested changes. "I can't plan my vacation at this time because while everyone else is on vacation I am still working. However I intend to go to different places, and relax while enjoying new technology on display."
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My plan to this vacation are study more english and review some graduation's subjects, because in the first half of this year i take many subjects and don't enough time to study all of them. But i'll intend to do fun things such as party, to go out with my friends and more ...

this is it !

hugs !
I intend in my next vancation go to florida and make a trip of ship by caribe,
My plans this vacation are to learn English and drinking beer with friends
Hello Everybody!
My plans for the next vacation is going to New York on December.
I hope so!
I'm planning a travel to Canada, to play in some cities with my band.
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Anderson Almeida escreveu:I'm planning a travel to Canada, to play in some cities with my band.

Hi Anderson

You might be either planning to travel to Canada or planning a trip to Canada.
Welcome to the forum!
My plans for my next vacation is to travel but I am in doubt about the place. Maybe i will to Buenos Aires.

I'm already doing savings.
My vacations plans are travel with my boyfriend and take advantage of it to learn about some programming languages.
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Hey folks!

I would like to go to England or Canada to improve my English abilities and enjoy those countries but I know that I won't be able to do it in 2011, then I hope I will be able to travel to Argentina to enjoy my spare time with some friends and learn more about that culture (even though I don't speak Spanish...)!! Even If I couldn't travel to Argentina, I might save some money to travel to England or Canada in 2012!! I've been dreaming about it for years. :roll: