What are your plans for your next vacation?

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ENG_rafael escreveu:Bill,

I understand your changes in my message and I enjoyed them, but I have two doubts that rose when I comparred my version with your version.

In the first line, you wrote: "I'm planning to tour Santos for my next vacation...". You put TOUR as a verb, but, can I put it as a noun without grammar confusion, like it's below?
"I'm planning a tour of Santos for my next vacation..."

In the third line, you wrote: "It's going to be a pleasure for another reason, and since that is the city of my football team, SANTOS."
I mean "the another reason" is Santos to be the city of my football team. So, I don't understand the meaning of the AND. So, what do you think about it?
"It's going to be a pleasure for another reason, since that is the city of my football team, SANTOS."

I used to use SINCE also as a BECAUSE. Can is it true? If it's wrong, maybe it confused you.

Thanks a lot!


Yes you can use tour as a verb or as a noun as you did in your excellent question above.

Your use of since as written in your correction above is also correct, and in some cases such as this one, since and because are interchangable. I used the conjunction and as a bridge between two different thoughts in a complex sentence.

In English just as in Portuguese the placement of one word in a sentence is critical to convey the true meaning of what one is trying to say, and sometimes I have to guess. :oops: ;)

I hope that answers your questions.

Thank you for replying and allowing me to try and help you in your studies.
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Through your explanation I could understand better the using of TOUR as a verb and as a noun. I also understand why you used the conjuction AND in that sentence.

I appreciate your help!
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Rafael and Everyone,

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your studies, and for your replys to my posts. Your interest is appreciated. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have, and rest assured that I will TRY to answer them, and that I will never disparage your questions. :D

For your vocabulary,
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I do not know when will be my vacation, but I wanted to study English a lot and, if possible, traveling somewhere.
My unique plain is: sleep, sleep and sleep more.... 24 hours
My plan for my next vacation, which is next December and January, is just study English xD And planning my next three years. And... sometimes I can hang out with my friends, go to the movies or something like that. Watch a lot of Tv series (in english with no subtitle). That's it! It's not a big deal, but it's better than nothing.
My GREAT plan is staying home, reading a lot, studying English and perhaps, spending a week in Recife - PE . Well, my next vacation may not be very hectic, but I really need to be quiet and think about my aims for the next year.
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On my vacation I'll be studying for government public tender and also improving my English!
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I don't know exactly when I'll have new vacations because of a strike that arrived in my school this year. But I intend to spend some time in the beach, and getting to know new places in my state (Ceará).
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I'll go to Búzios to spend a feel days.