What can we do to leave a better planet for our children?

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Thank you for your suggestions!

I've been learnign English for one year and half and just now I'm starting try my writing.

Let me know about my faults.

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Eduardo Souza escreveu:Bill,

Thank you for your suggestions!

I've been learnign English for one year and half and just now I'm starting try my writing.

Let me know about my faults.



You are apparently a good student, and it is my pleasure to offer suggestions to help your studies. I try to offer suggestions that will show how a native speaker might correctly write something. With that being said, please consider this rewrite of your post.

"I've been studying English for a year and a half, and I'm just now starting to try my hand at writing in English.

Let me know about my mistakes."

Fault is falha and mistake is erro, therefore a fault can cause a mistake, for example: "My faulty knowledge of Portuguese caused me to mistake PARA for IR, and caused the accident, when I did not STOP the car." ;) :lol:
"Try my hand" is an idiom meaning to try to do something, usually for the first time.
We have to clean the air, stop polluting it. But, of course, it's not the only problem. We have to stop polluting rivers, lakes, seas and watersheds. While I write this reply, millions of people are "killing" the planet, and I hope the future will be better. Sure it will. Or else we will have to go to the moon or Mars.
Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
We have to think better on the situation os our planet...
The human being is deforesting Amazonia, the air is being polluted by toxic gases, the water on our planet is becoming a problem, etc...
So we have to work together to solve this serious problem with the Earth... so our future children will can live very well
Avatar do usuário DHST 680 1 2 12
I don't have much to add, what I'm sure is: the "what can we do" part is not the most important thing, we are racional and intelligent beings, we already know what to do, however, we don't do, and that's the problem. So, we must act now, us as a whole, acting to the benefits of others, acting is the solution.
Avatar do usuário felipeh6 2170 7 53
Let me plus something that I consider extremely important: DON'T WASTE :!:

v. gastar, desperdiçar; não aproveitar; destruir, eliminar, exterminar; enfraquecer; terminar; extinguir-se; desperdiçar-se;

s. gasto, perda, desperdício; destruição, ruína; vazio; deserto; restos, dejetos; resíduos; esgoto

adj. desnecessário, supérfluo, demasiado, não aproveitado; relativo a dejetos; desértico, destruído, vazio; arruinado

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Searching other ways to produce energy, I mean, produce clean energy, and also searching a good way to turn salt water into fresh water. Futhermore (and consequently) we need to invest all we can in Education.
We don´t need to leave a better planet for our children. It´s enough to leave better children to the planet. A better planet will be just a consequence of this.