What could be done to reduce tax burden in Brazil?

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Question: What could be done to reduce tax burden in Brazil?

Examples of answers:

- Encourage people not to buy pirate products, strenghtening, this way, the Economy.
- Monitore prices and abusive practices;
- GET INFORMED. Some people don't know that when they have a car stolen, they can be reibursed for the IPVA relative to the remaining months of the year;
- Plan every each financial transaction such as investments and loans in a way not to pay more than should be paid;
- Reduce the complexity of the current tax system.
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I think that reduce the complexity of the current tax system will be good, but to do so, we will need good politicians in the government and that is not what is happening. Brazilian people needs to learn how to vote well, in this information century choose well the ones who will receive your vote became even easier, you just need to go online and check information about the candidates (using common sense, of course). ;)

Another good option is to monitor prices and abusive practices. Our people needs to pay attention to how much they are paying taxes on the things they're paying.

That my opinion...