What do you like most about children?

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Well, what I admire in children is when they are sleeping. This is certainly the best thing about them!
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What i most admire is their innocence, the way like they are sincere, the easy smile, so cute :)
They are so pure... It's the best quality in my opinion.
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I agreed with Lin and Isadora.

A good thing about kids, when we come to think of it, is the way they learn some language.
When they are learning, and they come to grips with metaphors and and figures of speech is really funny, it´s when they say the darndest (funny) things, and ask the questions that are the hardest to answer.

Things about meanings that we take for granted, and don´t even give it much tought all of sudden come to the table...

My wife, a soap opera afficionado, watching the last installment of "Amor à vida", intently watching and talking to nobody in particular, except the TV set..says about a character (I think it was Aline) "Bem feito pra ela, caiu do cavalo!" then my son in a inquisitive way asks "Mãe, ela estava andando de cavalo?"

It´s funny how we laugh of such things, but more striking remarkable is the fact we completely forget (or try to...) that we made such questions! LOL.
Their laugh, sweetness and innocence
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This guy really comes up with such questions and this kind of "inventive" reasoning. Seeing/listening he talking to his mother (now watching her soap opera). I almost nearly split my sides with laughter.

She seeing a scene, says something, and he comments...then she says (In portuguese):
-Você não entende, você é novo pra isso, na sua idade você é apenas um adolescente."

He answers with a question:
-Então quando eu crescer eu vou ser um "adultescente"?

Oh my, oh my, ha ha ha! :D

It´s priceless! :lol:
Their ability to stay happy with small things.
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I absolutely love their sweetness, sincerity and tenderness.
What I like in children the most is their innocence.
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Anything, 'cause I hate children.
Ok, I can consider their innocence. Sometimes.