What do you like most about children?

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I suppose you hate some things that children do, more so when their parents are permissive and spoil their education and manners. Not the kids themselves.
I also don´t appreciate overindulged kids, but I don´t approve of spineless parents and elders as well. It´s such a pleasure when Suppernanny leaves a house in order, after curbing backchat, don´t give a fig about thrown tantrums, and suspend privileges in reward for the bad behavior.
All that while encouraging and rewarding goog behavior as well, and not only that of children...
Once I saw Supernanny crying at her leaving, she had to go, but she was going to miss that family and that family would miss her.
It´s good to see a good job done! seen from outside it even seems easy :!:
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To be honest, I really don't know, they are many things. My nephews are very nice and funny. The way they breath, small, laugh, play and more important the way they look at me, I'm feel like a hero to them. It's so good.
I really can't get some sympathy for children.

I don't have problems with that but sometimes it makes me seem like a monster
I like the way children are always willing to listen to a story; their imagination never ceases to amaze me!