What do you like to do in your free time?

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Well..I used to spend my "free time" studying english, reading some articles on Internet and watching TV. I usually play basketball on weekends with my friends. It's improve my physical fitness. I get in shape too..
Of couse, at night I drink some beers...
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I like reading and collaborating online to create an English course. I like cooking with my husband and dining out. I like bike riding along rivers, composing poetry, and making powerpoints, worksheets, and videos using web 2.0 tools like anmoto and xtranormal.

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Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
I like to do a several things, like:
- Study English
- Surf on the internet
- Play with my puppy
- Ride by bicycle at 6 o'clock p.m.
- Or other things
I love studying english and Playing on the computer. Sometimes, I go out with my friends and my boyfriend. Every Sunday I go to my aunt's house with my mother. I like reading spiritual books. And Every Tuesday I go to church. ;)
I like to read books, watch movies, go out with my friends...
I like to do nothing , go out with my friends , watch movies all day , cleaning my car , eat a lot , and rest a lot , when I ´m dating , I prefer to do it of course ! But isn´t the case rsr
Avatar do usuário mili 35
I like to watch all day long. Sometimes I go for a ride / walk, but most the time I watch soup operas, the doctors and movies, of course.

What I really like to do is go for a ride, but I cant afford that much gas, so I better go for a walk instead ...hahahaha
Nowadays, I'm always trying improve my English, because left few days to I traveling to broad.
When I have a free time I would rather stay with my family we go out or stay in home and see a move .
On saturdays I always go to rehearsal of my band because it's my favorite 'Hobby.
On sundays morning I go to the church, at nonn I have special lunch with my family, sometimes my parents comes in my home and we have a lunch together. ;)
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When I'm in my free time, I usually read a good book (in English), watch a good movie. I go out have dinner, I go to my parents' house. I take a nap and I spend some time here at EE forum and blog.