What do you like to do in your free time?

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Free time ?
A long time ago i don't know what mesm this , but I try study English
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A little correction, if I may?

Free time?
For a (very) long time ago I don't know what this means , but I try to study English whenever there´s a window of time.
It´s quite a long time I don´t know what this means, but I try to study English whenever I can/it´s possible.

Well, in my free time I like to watch TV, to listen to music, to rest, and to study English.
I like watch series, at present Revenge 2nd season.
I like to listen to music.
+ I like to study english in my free time;
+ To watch the TV ( movies in english): in first, with subtitle and then, without subtitle.
+ To listen the musics from my favorite singers ( with lyrics, 'cause all are in english)
+ To visit many sites and blogs;
+ To working out;
And my favorite hobby: To read books....( I love the trilogy Divergent and the trilogy The Hunger Games)

So, that's it for now... see ya!! :D :D :D
I like to travel. Now I am in Australia and I need to learn how do speak better
Well, I like to write in english, because that help me very much. ;)
I like to read, watch tv, talk with my friends.
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Lately I am having free only on weekends because I am studying English a lot on weekdays. So I like to ride by bicycle and running at the park.