What do you miss most about your life before the Pandemic?

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Question: What Do You Miss Most About Your Life Before the Pandemic?

Possible answers:

I miss being with people, and having fun without having to worry about a virus.
I miss a friend who died of Covid-19 this year.
I miss my job, which I lost because of the pandemic.
I miss my family, because I can't see them in person.

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I miss my family above all. I'd like to get together, hug my parents without having to worry about this terrible virus. Actually, I realize everybody is tired of this pandemic, maybe because of that many people are forgetting to follow health protocols against Covid 19.
I'd like to go to the movies comfortably with my wife and daughter. I miss plays, musicals, concerts, hang out with my friends if I could say I don't care at the same time.
Certainly, we can do most of those things, but there are so many worries, the tension in which we live every day, the masks (I hate them, it doesn't matter how comfortable they are), the cleaning of things and environment, the social distancing measures, all things that make enjoyable things much less fun.
I miss our "normal" lives and they say that we are far from reaching that.
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