What do you think about Google's new privacy policy?

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Question: What do you think about Google's new privacy policy?

Please watch this first:

Examples of answers / opinions taken from Internet:

- It is a big improvement. Consolidating multiple policies was a significant improvement because it increases comprehension. I believe the utility Google brings to the market far outweighs any risk associated with privacy.

- I think its about time that Google links all the sites it owns. They won't be gathering any NEW information about you. They'll just be syncing all their sites, so you only have to log in, in one place, and you're logged into everything. I think its much more convenient that way.

- I don't really like it, I don't want them compiling a bunch of data on me or be bombarded with ads. I'm thinking it might be time to find another search engine.

Now it is your turn!
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In my view, first of all, they've made that to protect themselves against possible copyright and/or trademark lawsuits they might have to face. Second, it will improve their searching engines and this will turn our researches easier, faster and more accurate. Third, I don't really like to have our particular data being checked and recorded, but what to do in this case? If you want to use their products, you have to agree with their terms and rules and it's almost impossible to access internet and avoid all their products. So, we're a kind of Google's hostage.

What do you think? Do you agree?

Best Regards!