What do you usually have for breakfast?

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I usually have my brakfest at 7:30. I like to eat some piece of cake and a cup of tea!
I don't like coffee, so I always drink tea on my breakfest.
Sometimes I also eat some bread or fruit.
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Usually I have coffe and milk, a loaf, a typical Brazilian coffee.
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Me too. My breakfast is coffe with milk and bread.
Breakfast is a very important meal for me. I get extremely weak without it. But as I'm always late to go to work in the morning I have just a cup of Mate tea before leave home and get to finish it at work.
There, I eat bread (usually two) with butter or cheese and ham, and drink coffee with milk.
Hi, good afternoon.

When i wake up everyday, i just drink water and a cup of coffe. Rarely i eat bread or anything else.
I Ussualy Have Bread and Chocolte :33

I Love It !
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I use to have some milk and a bread with butter, or some cookies, you know, and some fruits like banana or apple. I live alone, so I don't pay attention to what I should eat, which I find in refrigerator it's cool for me. But, when I am at my father's house, I usually eat better, I mean, some coffee and more fruits, like papays, strawberry and so on. For certain it's good to have a substantial breakfast in order feel better and stronger during all day.

See you fellows.
I usually have bread and milk in breakfast .
I don't know what I have usually for breakfast, then I am going to write what I had today for the breakfast:

Some rolls, butter and milk
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Milk with chocolate, coffee (instant coffee, Nescafé), a bit of cinnamon and a pich of nutmeg.
And usually I eat bread with cream cheese, butter or margarine.