What do you usually have for breakfast?

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generally i don´t have breakfast. but when i have, i eat brad and yougurt
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Bread, crackers, milk, juice, soda
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I discovered quinoa about a year ago... it's a grain from Peru and very healthy. It's not very calorie dense... if you're looking to lose weight, you can really stuff yourself without having to worry about it. And it's alkaline and gluten-free... one of the most healthy ways to start your day.
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I often "start the day" drinking some chimarrão(southern brazilian kind of tea). After that, I eat some sandwich or a piece of cake. During the morning, when I'm at the office where I work, I drink some very small cup of coffee. It's usually like that!

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In my breakfast have Juices, fresh bread, milk, coffee
But what i do like is hambuguer.
i have control about it..
Toasts and coffee with milk. Once in a while I also eat cereal with soy milk. And oh, it's worth adding that I sure find it weird to eat omelets, sausages, bacon (!) early in the morning like americans do. Such unhealthy foods... (But I comprehend why they do so.)
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I'm used to eat chocolate cake with some fruit's juice, but sometimes I eat breed as well.
I usually have bread with butter and Idrink a cup of coffe with milk very simple but delicious.
I usually make my own breakfast, because I live alone. But sometime I'm lazy, so I have breakfast outdoor: bakery or university.
I usually drink milk with chocolate and eat cookies or bread with cheese, I don't like so much butter. I sometimes drink yougurt or juice.
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I hardly ever have breakfast, but when I have it I eat Bread or Pão de Queijo and a cup of coffee