What does he say ?

Hey, I'm trying to understand but somehow I can't figure out what he says at the beginning of the video.

Can you guys help me ? Here's the video:

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Wow.I wanna know too what he's saying.I'm totally lost.I hope it's because of the british accent not helping here.
here's a better one:

I've got this:

it's a true story, it's song is around for a while, like 6 months and all the apple company people said it's not a hit single. And Apple probably is right but the way that Apple .... ..... .... into terrible, into the most successful song. That was very grateful. Thank you .... ... ... you marketing people can sell anything.

I couldn't understand the words I put reticence. Can anybody help me ?
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....around for a while, like 6 months. And uh, our record company, and people like that, said this is not hit single. And uh, they were probably right. But with the weight of Apple, they managed to turn it from a pile of .. something terrible.. into our most successful song. So, for that we're very grateful, thank you. Which proves that your marketing people can sell anything.
ow, thank you. I think I was almost there, wasn't I ?