What game did you most like to play as a child?

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When I was a child, I used to play many games. I don't know all names, but I can remember myself having a lot of fun while playing hide-and-seek, police and robbers etc.
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I did like play "pira-pega", this is a really fun game!

My daughter likes play dolls and wachting "galinha pintadinha", so the plays envolved "galinha pintadinha" we played much more! :)
I don't know if this is a game or how is called. I have rung the bell and ran. I've done every day, the owner was tired of this and made a trap for me, the owner waited for me ring the bell, and when I've done, I was caught. She was extremely angry and screamed a lot. After this, I have to choose a new game, I've started to play soccer, hopscotch, card games kkkk
I liked to play hide and seek.
When I was a Child, I didn't like games, I watched a cartoon.
What I most liked to play when a child, was to strike small glass balls, (I think the term is marbles, in english). This game was very pleasant to me, and the colorful balls made me dream while playing. The game consisted in striking a ball against another one, so that the aimed ball fell down into a small hole on the ground. There were many variations of this game.
I used to play soccer when I was a child. Nowadays, I like to run long distances. For me, it's more challenging. And when you start to run, it becomes a kind of addiction. It's worth.
Hide and seek, racer, etc. I like a lot videogames so in my childhood I used to play a lot.