What is the best book you've ever read?

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Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
dsoldier escreveu:one of the best books i've read is

Title: How to win friends and influence people
Author: Dale Carnegie

Same here.
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The best book I read, I think was The Shack, it's beautiful and touching, and I learnt a lot reading this book, after reading it, I started to have more faith and belief in God! So, it changed a little bit the essence of my being...
'The Shack' by William P. Young.
Oh Gosh, the best book ever. I do agree that a book is good in a certain time of our lives but this book makes me speechless. It talks about God. But the author's way of writing is totally out of the box. No matter the religion you belong to, you must read this book. It's the best ever. From all books I've ever read, this is the one that I could not have gone through life without reading.
Read the comments about it on orkut communities. It's worth it.
The best book I have ever read was a children's book " The Animal farm" from George Orwell, I loved it!Nowadays,I'm reading "Memories of the subsurface" from Fiódor Dostoiévski, which is quite good !It's a little bit dark but is funny!!! ;)
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Avatar do usuário jumiut 30
Had many books I read that I really enjoyed it. But ... to name a few, I liked the book "O último judeu" by Noah Gordon. I also enjoyed the books of Luiz Fernando Verissimo, Machado de Assis, among others. Like a lot of chronic, especially Fernando Sabino.
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86

the beginning of your sentence has the meaning of "Existem/Há" and you should translate it as "There are"

There are books I read...
Avatar do usuário jumiut 30
Thanks Flávia.
Avatar do usuário Jedson 70 1 3
I read a few books, but I consider the best is "The Dream Seller" of the author Augusto Cury!

and you?
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The shack is awesome!!! After reading it I made my mother read it too :P
I don't know a single person who dislike this book.
I like reading a lot, though I don't do it very often cause I don't buy books... But When I do... I read "Helena de troia" in just one week and it has more than 800 pages! Another good book is "The golden Compass", it's amazing but Ive never read any other book of the serie.